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Instander is a modified version of Instagram designed to enhance your experience by allowing you to download high-quality photos, videos, IGTV segments, and reels. It also offers a suite of exclusive features such as an ad-free experience, along with the ability to copy bios, comments, and descriptions, among other unique tools.

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Instagram is an interesting social media network that is used all over the world. This social media app is a wide range of entertainment stuff. You can follow your favorite celebrities if they have an Instagram account. Users can also enjoy the entertainment content of the various influencers. Further, you can also share your life moments on Instagram. You can post stories and reels on your account.


But wait, users missed many features of this social media. You are restricted from using its features and attributes. Users want to use more advanced features that’s why the developers develop modified versions of Instagram. Here is one of the best versions, called Instander APK. It has various advanced features and functions which are absent in the official Instagram.

What Is an Instander?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't allow users to download content like videos or images directly on their devices. For this purpose, you need a downloader. With this downloader's help, you can get any content. Moreover, you can also watch the stories of other users in hidden mode, they will not know that you are watching their stories. Additionally, you can get the blue verification badge without any long and complex process. So, for all these reasons users want to move on to the advanced version of Instander. So the developers develop a safe and secure platform packed with advanced features. You can use this APK service without any worry. You can use it without any banning issues. Because it has built-in the attribute of anti-banning.

Name Instander
Version 18.0
Developer thedise
Android 9.0+
Size 54 MB
CPU architecture ARM64-v8a
Updated on 1 Min Ago

What Is The Difference Between Clone and Unclone?

Clone and unclone Instander apps are developed by the same developer and it contains the same features and functions. The following differences are mentioned:

Clone: if you want to install a clone package on your device, there is no need to uninstall the original Instagram from your device. You can efficiently operate both apps on the same device. It comes with

Unclone: To use the unclone package, you need to uninstall the official Instagram from your device. It comes with a com.insta package name.

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Download Instander APK's Latest Version For Android

The most updated version of Instander APK provides enhanced attributes, all the bugs are fixed. If you receive any issues in your previous older version of instander, all these are fixed now. Another important thing about the Instander APK is that it is not accessible on the Google Play Store. So, you need to get the link from this page. Always choose an authentic website like this for obtaining the APK file. Just tap on the following link and get this APK on your device.

To install APK on an Android phone follow these simple steps:

Start the Download: Tap the 'Download' button to initiate the APK file download.

Download the File: Allow the APK file to fully download before moving on to the next step.

Install the App: After the download is finished, go ahead with the installation of the app.


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Instander offers fantastic features the same as the official Instagram. Further, Instader provides extraordinary features that are inaccessible in the official Instagram app. The following are the details of all these features:

Download Picture and Videos

Instagram is a big source of providing videos and photos. You can watch your favorite celebs' videos and collocations of images on this social media platform. Unluckily, when you try to get this content on your device, it does not offer this service. Some users download a third-party downloader to download the videos and pictures. But, soon they feel disappointed because ads will appear on the screen and disturb you. It's annoying for the user when ads come up on the screen and disrupt your downloading process.

Use a remarkable APK service called Instander. This fantastic app allows you to download your favorite images and videos directly to your device storage. It's simple to download any media by tapping on the download icon that appears on the screen. The desired content will be available within seconds on your phone.

Close Friend List

Sometimes you want your post to be shown to specific users. Because the post will contain some joke or another thing. So, you want to select some of your close friends for this post. This incredible APK service provides the facility for the users to select friends to see this specific post. You can easily choose some close friends from your friend's list and make a separate list to show this content. So, your stories and posts will show only for these specific friend lists.

Additionally, users can change and adjust the list at any time. You can easily add and remove any person from the list. When you remove any person they will stop to view your content. You can share this content with friends using separate labels or tags from other normal posts. Ultimately, these posts are shared only with your close friend list instead of going public.

Instander Hide Stories From List

Do you want to hide your stories from specific users? According to your opinion, some Instagram users can not handle your posts properly. This amazing service offers a function that helps you to hide the stories, photos, and even live videos from different people. With the help of this function, you can choose the people who can see your posts. Now, you can post anything you want and hide from specific persons or users of Instagram. You can also choose this option for security reasons.

Allows Message Replies

As you are on social media and you have some haters or other people who do not like your popularity. So, they must reply to your every post. They want to impose their personal opinions on your content. So, most Instagrammers face this issue on Instagram. Now you do not have to worry about this issue and can use the Instander APK. You cannot use this type of feature when using the official Instagram. You may face this negativity on the Instagram screen. Using this APK service, select the people who send you messages. For instance, people you may know, everyone, or restricted everyone to message you.

Story Save To Archive

Sometimes you do not have much storage for downloading videos and photos. In this situation, you can turn on this feature. With the help of this feature, your desired videos are saved into an archived folder. It will not appear on your phone storage. Further, users allow you to set security for this folder. You can easily set a password and secure it. Additionally, you can also save the line videos archived for the next 30 days. These live videos are only available for you to watch.


Some users share your Instagram posts on other platforms or their profiles. But you may not like that everyone or every one of your posts shared. Use the adorable APK Instander and it helps you to manage this post-sharing issue efficiently. When you disable this option no one can share your posts including videos and photos. So, it's recommended to use this APK service on your device and get control of your Instagram posts.

Instander Has No Advertisement

When you scrolling Instagram, you may face ads on the screen. These ads will interrupt your Instagram using experience. These ads are in the form of videos or photos. You can not focus on the feeds. It will also waste your internet data when you play it and watch it. When you are using the Instander app, it helps to avoid all these annoying ads. You can scroll and check your feeds without any disturbance. Users can easily disable the ads and enjoy an ads-free app.

Wide Search Content

IGTV videos give you access to explore more content like videos and on Instagram. You can watch trending videos on this section of Instagram. Moreover, you follow your favourite Instagrammer and follow their videos. In the search section, you can’t only search IGTV but also watch a variety of content like cooking, traveling, TV, Movies, arts, and much more. Everyone can search according to their preferred content in this section.

Analytic And Crash Report

It's another security function available in the Instander APK which is beneficial for the users. You can turn off the analytics and your activity data will stop being safe. But if you need Instagram to collect all activity data, you can simply turn on this option. If you are facing any crash issue of the app, you can tell it to the developer and they will fix it.

Ghost Mode

Ghost mode offers various puzzling settings for your Instagram followers and other people. With the help of Ghost mode settings, you can modify various settings of the Instagram app. You can type a message and hide the typing status from other users. They do not know that you are typing. This function is helpful when you're sending a risky message to anyone.

Further, Instander also helps them to hide their appearance from other people's stories. It allows the users to watch any Instagram users without showing their appearance that you watch it. So, the other users are not aware of story viewing.

Additionally, you can read the message of any user but do not want to reply to the message. You may be busy somewhere and want to reply later. Ghost mode offers a function where you can read messages but the other person will never know about this. Overall ghost mode presents useful functions for the users.

Quality Improvements

Using this stunning advanced mod of Instagram you can improve the quality of the following files:

  • Stories quality
  • Images quality
  • Reels quality
  • IGTV quality

When you post any media on Instagram, it compresses the quality of this media. So you need to turn on the option of “ photos in max. Quality” which permits users to send HD-quality media on Instagram. Instander helps users share images and videos with high quality compared to the official Instagram.

Smart Gesture

These things look not so important apparently but have their significance. Smart gestures on Instagram are also important. With the help of these gestures, you can easily swipe from one page to another and zoom any photo by tapping on it. You can also double-tap on the photo. Further, users can disable all these gestures at any time.


You can also use many other smart features in this APK service. Instander APK allows the users to watch the stories in full-screen view and enjoy it more. Further, you can open any link within the app using the built-in app[ browser. Further, users can hide likes, auto-play videos, copy stories, and many others. So, users can enable or disable this setting at any time according to their needs.

Donate To Get Verified

Here is a discussion not about the Instagram verified badge, instead you can support the developer of this APK service and you will be awarded with the badge. This badge is only visible to the other Instander users only. You need to support the developer and send a screenshot to the developer. Further, also provide a username through email. After this, you need to wait for a badge and it will be awarded to you soon.

Discover People

Users can expand their social media recognition using the feature of discovering people. With the help of this, you can follow people and further, you will get the suggestions of people you may like. In this way, you can easily follow and contact many other Instagram users.

Instander vs Original Instagram

Feature Instander App Instagram
DND Mode
Calls Disable
Status Length 235 127
File Sending Limit 54.7MB 100MB




Official Instagram App has limited services that you are using. If you want to enjoy more enhanced features, you must try the Instander APK Download on your Android device. With the help of this app, you can enjoy more control over your features. It allows you to download any media directly on your device. It's recommended to get this app today and enhance your Instagram experience.


What Is an Instander APK?

Instander APK is the advanced version of Instagram. You can enjoy improved features like content downloading, ads free, and others. All these functions are absent in the official Instagram.

What Is the Unclone app?

When you are using the APK with com.instander you need to uninstall the official Instagram from your device to use this advanced version of WhatsApp.

How You Can Download Instagram Media?

Instagram does not support this service. If you want to use this service, you need to use Instander and download any media from Instagram directly on your device.